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Debbie Meyer Geniusvac Bags


Debbie Meyer Geniusvac BagsDebbie Meyer Geniusvac Bags are the most convenient way to vacuum seal food.  You don't need a big appliance that takes up a lot of counter space.  If you're like me you don't want another counter-top appliance.  I know I don't need one but I've always wanted to be able to vacuum seal my food.  It just seems like a really cool idea and that's why Debbie Meyer geniusvac bags are cool. 

Debbie Meyer geniusvac bags are the replacement bags you need for the portable Reynolds Handi Vac pump.  The Reynolds Handi Vac pump is a battery powered handheld device that produces excellent results and that is why you want Debbie Meyer geniusvac bags.

The best part about using Debbie Meyer geniusvac bags and a Reynolds Handi-vac pump is you can vacuum seal just one item without going through the hassle pulling out or setting up a big appliance.  With Debbie Meyer geniusvac bags if you have one raw steak left over from a BBQ, you don't have to cook it tomorrow.  Toss it into one of your Debbie Meyer geniusvac bags, vacuum seal it and put it into the freezer until you crave steak again.

When it comes to Debbie Meyer geniusvac bags you don't need to plug and unplug other appliances because the Handi vac pump doesn't need to be plugged in, making Debbie Meyer geniusvac bags really convenient to use.

And consider this about Debbie Meyer geniusvac bags... 

Debbie meyer geniusvac bagsYou can reuse Debbie Meyer geniusvac bags because they have a zip top seal.  This means you can open, close and vacuum seal them over and over again.  Within reason you can reuse them until you decide to toss them out.  You see, Debbie Meyer geniusvac bags are not only convenient but they are better for the environment too.

And by the way, because you can reuse Debbie Meyer geniusvac bags, you will save money too.

With counter top vacuum seal machines you have to cut the vacuum sealed bag open.  This means if you are able to use the bag again, it gets smaller and smaller with every use.  This doesn't happen with Debbie Meyer geniusvac bags.  You can open, close and reseal Debbie Meyer geniusvac bags as many times as you want and the bag stays the same size.

To get the maximum use out of my Debbie Meyer geniusvac bags I place sticky things like cheese, left-over rice and fresh vegetables, etc. in a cheap fold-top sandwich bag before I put them in Debbie Meyer geniusvac bags to keep my Debbie Meyer geniusvac bags from getting grimy and unsanitary before their time.

The problem is Debbie Meyer geniusvac bags are no longer available.

debbie meyer geniusvac bagsWhen you can find Debbie Meyer geniusvac bags they are way over-priced and shipping & handling charges are ridiculous.  The cost for replacement Debbie Meyer geniusvac bags wipes out all the savings you get if you buy food in bulk and want to vacuum seal it at home.

But not to worry there is a way to get the many benefits of Debbie Meyer geniusvac bags without needing to buy Debbie Meyer geniusvac bags.

If you need replacement Debbie Meyer geniusvac bags, take a look at this crazy little gizmo that lets you use your Reynolds Handi vac pump on the way cheaper and readily available Ziploc Vacuum bags.

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